February 2024 Firearm & Ammo Online Only Auction

February 2024 Firearm & Ammo Online Only Auction

300+ Lots of Firearms, Archery & Related Items From Local Collectors and Estates.

Buyers Premium 10%

**Ammo, Firearm Related Items:
Some Ammo may be from an Estate. It may have factory and reloaded ammunition. Reloads will be sold as "COMPONENTS ONLY!"
There is shipping on ammo lots at the buyers expense. It must be shipped through UPS. 

All State And Federal Laws Apply To This Auction.  All Illinois Gun Laws Apply!


  • Each Bidder must be familiar with the laws of your state in regards to the firearms that you are allowed to possess.
  • If you purchase a firearm that we cannot ship to you; There are two options:
  • You can pay for the item and then you can re-sell it in our next firearm auction less commission expense OR
  • You can pay a re-stocking fee of 25% of the original bid price.

All Firearms Listed with  (No IL Sales). 
On 01-10-2023, Illinois passed into law restrictions on firearms they have classified as Assault Weapons, under the HB 5471.
All sales and future deliveries of these defined assault weapons, weapon attachments and large capacity ammunition feeding devices sold at auction are being conducted in accordance with this Bill (HB 5471).

ATF Forms 4473 Will Be Filled Out On All Guns or FFL.

  • Must Be Over 18 Years Old To Buy Long Guns.  You Must Be Over 21 Years Old To Buy Handguns.

Every Firearm Sold  Will Be Assessed A $15.00 Illinois FFL Transfer Fee.


LINKED LOTS:  Some items in this auction are part of a linked lot.  Items in a linked lot can be identified by chain link symbol shown on the lot tile of that item.  At the close of auction, the clocks on the lots in linked lot will extend together, if extended bidding occurs on any of those lots in the group to allow bidders to bid on any of the lots during the close.  None of the lots in the linked lot will close until all lots in the linked lot stop receiving bids.  This is very similar to selling "choice" in a live auction.  For you as a bidder, a linked lot can help you when you are interested in one of several items that are in a linked lot by allowing you to bid aggressively on the item in that group you like the most.  Once you've exceeded the most you want to pay for the item in the group you like the most, you can then shift your bidding to one of the other items in the linked lot group if you choose to, as the bidding will still be open on the other items in the group.




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